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Where to Shoot a Deer

Where to Shoot a Deer Being a responsible hunter means knowing the best points of entry for shot placement on your deer. Let’s take a look at where to shoot a deer and some common shots, precision shots, and last resort shot placement options. Broadside Shots Heart & Lung Shot The standard heart-and-lung shot is […]

Canadian whitetail outfitters

Want the best whitetail hunting trip ever? Canadian whitetail outfitters will make your next whitetail hunting trip the best ever! Hunting expeditions are times for not only harvesting trophy game, but also for enjoying nature’s splendor from a feet-on-the-ground perspective. Hunting locally is always an option, but you’ve already seen and done that. Try a […]

Black Bear Hunting Guide

Black Bear Hunting What happens when the rush of whitetail deer and waterfowl season wears off? Get ready for round two of one of nature’s best adrenaline rushes – black bear hunting. Black bears are some of the most curious animals on earth, but they’re also some of the most wary. Black bear hunting requires […]

Big Game Hunting in Saskatchewan

When you think of big game hunting in Saskatchewan, you probably picture a Boone and Crockett whitetail deer – and with good reason! The wilderness of Saskatchewan is ripe for the harvest when it comes to collecting a trophy whitetail deer.

Hunting in Northern Saskatchewan

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to hunting in Northern Saskatchewan. Whether you’re hunting the area’s world-famous waterfowl flyway, setting out in pursuit of a Northern Saskatchewan whitetail deer, or taking home a Boone and Crockett black bear, your time in the wild will be most productive and comfortable if you’re […]