big game hunting in saskatchewan

Big Game Hunting in Saskatchewan

When you think of big game hunting in Saskatchewan, you probably picture a Boone and Crockett whitetail deer – and with good reason! The wilderness of Saskatchewan is ripe for the harvest when it comes to collecting a trophy whitetail deer.

Big Game Hunting In Saskatchewan Is An Experience

After a hearty breakfast at the Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts lodge, your guide will take you to a comfortable hunting stand where you’re likely to see a variety of fascinating Canadian wildlife, including whitetails. Once your whitetail deer have been harvested, your guide will field dress it and pack it for transport back to the lodge where it will be placed in the freezer while you enjoy the warmth of a roaring campfire and a steamy beverage.

Or maybe big game hunting in Saskatchewan conjures images of heavyweight black bears ambling across the landscape. Black bear hunting in Saskatchewan offers incredible opportunities to not only see black bears in their natural habitat but to also make a trophy harvest.

The black bears of Saskatchewan roam uninhibited through the territory, foraging on grass, berries, roots, and even enjoying an occasional honey-cache raid. Their instinct to roam provides many opportunities for the Saskatchewan hunter. Your Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts guide will place you in the best possible location for a trophy harvest while you’re black bear hunting in Saskatchewan.

If big game hunting in Saskatchewan means participating in a world-class waterfowl hunt, you’re sure to enjoy the abundance of waterfowl in Saskatchewan’s flyway. Each autumn, thousands upon thousands of Canada geese, speckle belly geese, snow geese, and more cross the region in search of temperate wintering climates, food, and water.

You’ll also encounter mallard and pintail ducks when you’re waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan. Your Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts guide will provide you with high-end hunting gear and will scout in advance to locate the best waterfowl hunting hot spots.

Limitless Opportunities

Big game hunting in Saskatchewan presents incredible opportunities for wildlife conservationists and hunters. Whether you’re in search of whitetail deer, black bears, or some of Canada’s world-renowned waterfowl, you’re sure to find it all when you choose Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts to guide you while big game hunting in Saskatchewan. They make locating your trophy animal simple, provide incomparable service, and even take care of licensing to make your trip as convenient and memorable as possible.

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