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Canadian Hunting Season – 10 Reasons to book your next trip

Canadian Hunting Season

Looking for reasons to schedule a hunt during Canadian hunting season? These ten reasons might just be enough to have you booking your next Canadian hunting trip.

1. Black Bear

The spring months in Saskatchewan bring an abundance of new growth, tender shoots, and delicate blossoms. It’s a feast for the senses. Spring is also an excellent time to take in a Saskatchewan black bear hunt.

Black bears in various color phases are roaming the woods at this time of year, giving you the opportunity to observe and harvest black bears with coats of blonde, cinnamon, tan, chocolate, brown, and even the occasional black with a white blaze.

In autumn, native black bears stand out in stark contrast to the blazing fall foliage that surrounds them. Whether you’re an observer or doing a little cool-weather hunting, you’re sure to enjoy black bear sightings and spectacular scenery during the Saskatchewan hunting season.

2. Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer are a majestic sight on their own, but couple them with stunning Saskatchewan scenery and you’ve got a vision to remember. Whether you’re enjoying some Saskatchewan hunting or simply taking in the scenery, the wilderness of Saskatchewan offers some amazing views and whitetail harvesting opportunities.

3. Canada Geese

When it comes to Saskatchewan hunting, the area is known for its spectacular waterfowl hunting opportunities. Each fall, Canada geese begin their migratory flight south along one of the area’s most heavily travelled flyways.

Canada geese fly over by the thousands in search of feeding grounds during their long journey southward. Hunters set up along grain fields beneath this flyway have ample opportunity to harvest a limit of Canada geese.

4. Specklebelly Geese

While partaking in Saskatchewan hunting, why not earn bragging rights? Amongst the myriad of waterfowl heading south for the winter is an abundance of specklebelly geese. These birds are somewhat elusive and very wary. Harvesting a specklebelly is a great way to show off your exceptional shooting skills.

5. Snow Geese

You’re sure to spot snow geese during the yearly exodus south if you have keen eyes and don’t mind searching the skies. These migratory birds often fly well above other migrating geese, making them a challenge to spot.

Setting up to hunt a cut-over grain field may give you the edge you need to bring these birds down to ground level.

6. Cacklers

Long thought to be a variation of a Canada goose, the cackler has, in recent years, been listed in its own independent category. Cackling geese look very similar to the Canada goose, with color patterns being much the same.

However, cacklers are much smaller than the average Canada goose. Cacklers are a bit of a rarity and make a harvest worth boasting about.

7. Mallards

In addition to a variety of geese, the western Canadian flyway offers passage to an abundance of ducks.

Setting up for a mallard hunt along one of northern Saskatchewan’s grain fields is sure to offer the opportunity to harvest a limit of these rich-meated birds.

8. Pintails

While hunting during the Canadian hunting season, you may also have the opportunity to harvest some pintails. These graceful ducks are often seen in the migratory mix that travels the Canadian flyway. You’ll notice them by their long, slender pink-like tail and agile movements.

9. Other Wildlife in Abundance

The Canadian wild is loaded with an array of native wildlife. An outdoors enthusiast is likely to see elk, moose, wolves, beavers, songbirds and more.

Even if you’re not enjoying a Saskatchewan hunt, these animals give wildlife watchers plenty of action.

10. Spectacular scenery

A visit to Canada, specifically Saskatchewan reveals lush greenery during summer months, blazing colors and crisp scents in autumn, snowy winter days, and fresh foliage in spring. There’s nothing more sensational than taking in the landscape and all it has to offer.

No matter what time of year you visit, Saskatchewan will be brimming with sights to fill your sense. And when it comes to Saskatchewan hunting, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Black bear, whitetail deer, a bevy of goose species, and game ducks will give you plenty to aim for. And the abundance of wildlife and spectacular scenery is sure to etch the amazing beauty of Saskatchewan into your mind.

Once Canadian hunting season is open, the opportunity to hunt many different types of game is abundant.

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