Canadian Whitetail Oufitters

Canadian whitetail outfitters

Want the best whitetail hunting trip ever?

Canadian Whitetail Outfitters

Canadian whitetail outfitters will make your next whitetail hunting trip the best ever!

Hunting expeditions are times for not only harvesting trophy game, but also for enjoying nature’s splendor from a feet-on-the-ground perspective.

Hunting locally is always an option, but you’ve already seen and done that.

Try a new, more exciting locale for that next big adventure. Canadian whitetail outfitters can set you up on a Canadian wilderness hunt in a land flowing with scenic beauty.

The landscape features a variety of habitats and ecosystems — mountains, prairies and grasslands, enormous lakes, crystal-clear streams, and sand dunes — which make Canada one of the most visually appealing places on the planet.

Add to this rich landscape a myriad of game animals, and you’ve got yourself a hunter’s paradise.

Black Bear

Canadian Outfitters

Black bears are in abundance in Canada, so much so that there are generally two separate hunting seasons for them. The Canadian wilderness provides a proliferation of fruits, meats, and other staples to keep the black bear population fat and healthy.

These chunky beasts usually breed during the summer months and have their offspring around the first of the year. Bears spend the coldest months in hibernation and spend the months leading up to this time foraging and stuffing themselves with as much nutrient-dense food as possible.

After black bears have fattened up for the winter, they settle into a state of hibernation. During this time in seclusion, females give birth to their cubs.

After nursing the cubs for weeks on end, mothers come out of hibernation with a voracious appetite. Their hunger causes them to let their guard down and makes them easy to spot.

Mule Deer

Mule Deer

Photo by Y S on Unsplash

Mule deer grow in trophy sizes in many parts of Canada. They often have atypical racks, making the trophies especially unique. In addition to trophy quality, Canadian mule deer herds boast healthy numbers, making them an abundant source of lean, nutrient-rich meat for hunters and their families.

Related to mule deer, blacktails have a smaller build and are found in many of the same regions as their cousins. Their meat is lean and rich, and a lengthy hunting season gives you ample opportunity to make a blacktail harvest.

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer

Photo by Rue Everett on Unsplash

Whitetails are the stars of deer hunting in Canada. These animals are found most prominently in the southern half of Canada stretching from east to west.

Canadian whitetail deer grow to healthy sizes and often sport hefty racks, making the search for a trophy an attainable goal for hunters. The meat these animals provide is exceptionally lean and loaded with nutrients such as vitamin B.

If you’re not sure where to find the best bucks, Canadian whitetail outfitters can put you in the hottest hunting locations with the best chances of making a harvest.

What makes a whitetail buck deer a trophy in Canada? Of course, qualifying a game animal as a trophy is truly in the eye of the beholder.

However, if you’re looking for an official score, a Boone and Crockett buck requires a minimum typical antler score of 160 points. Pope and Young qualifies a whitetail deer as trophy quality if the antlers score 125 points.

These bucks are not uncommon in Canadian hunting territories, making this a prime area for trophy hunting.

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Hunting Outfitters

Canadian Whitetail Outfitters

Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts lodge

How do you actually find the whitetails in Canada? This is where choosing a trusted Canadian whitetail outfitter will serve you well.

Your outfitter knows where all the great bucks are, and there’s so much more to gain from having an outfitter on board. They will stay connected with you during the months leading up to your trip.

They’ll make sure you’re up to speed on rules and regulations concerning crossing the border with your hunting gear. They’ll connect you with the information you need pertaining to the regulations for the area you’ll be hunting.

A good outfitter won’t let you enter the country without knowing everything you need to know for your trip.

In addition to making sure all the technicalities are covered, your outfitter will also have a cozy bed in a warm lodge ready for your arrival.

You can expect a hot meal every evening and packed lunches for your hunting excursions.

In the early morning hours, you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast before you hit the trail in search of your buck. Your guide will have patterned the deer well before your arrival and know the best locations for spotting a trophy.

You’ll then be shuttled you to your hunting spot to hunt and enjoy the wild solo for a few hours, keeping in contact with your outfitter by radio or phone.

When you make your harvest, give the outfitter a shout and they’ll come out to take care of field dressing and packing the meat. If you’re interested in having your trophy mounted, your outfitter can also connect you with a quality taxidermist.

Choosing to use an outfitter for your hunting expedition is an all-around win. Having a local who knows the area, the deer, and their habits, and having cozy lodging and hot meals makes venturing into the wilderness of Canada a luxury.

The Canadian hunting scene is an experience all on its own. Add quality Canadian whitetail outfitters to the mix and you’ve got a hunting experience your friends back home will be jealous of.

Next time you’re sitting by the campfire at your local deer club, be sure to rub it in that in a few months you’ll be hunting trophy whitetail in the wilds of Canada.

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