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Hunting in Saskatchewan

The outdoors enthusiast has plenty of opportunities when it comes to hunting in Saskatchewan.

Between black bear, whitetail deer, moose, mule deer, elk, and pronghorn, there’s an abundance of big game animals roaming the landscape.

A harvest from the skies, a variety of geese and ducks can be taken from the Central Flyway in Saskatchewan.

Black Bear

Hunting in Saskatchewan

Black bear hunting season occurs during spring and autumn, specifically the months of May and September. A black bear can be harvested by bow, rifle, muzzleloader, or shotgun.  This allows you to enjoy either a modern hunting experience or relive the primitive hunting experiences of your ancestors.

Black bears roam the area in abundance and are drawn to the treats left for them at baiting stations. Having a centralized feeding station gives the bears a reason to step into your hunting area so you can make the harvest.

Whitetail Deer

Hunting in Saskatchewan

Whitetail deer hunting in Saskatchewan has often resulted in record-making harvests. Deer in the area have access to an ample food supply that keeps them beefed up year-round. Natural vegetation and local farmlands ensure a nutritious, well-rounded diet for local wildlife.

Whitetail deer hunting season occurs in autumn and runs for several consecutive weeks. Your weapon of choice can be bow, muzzleloader, crossbow, or rifle, depending on what part of the season you’re hunting.

Bag limits are often low, so choose your harvest wisely.


Hunting in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan moose can typically be hunted during early to mid-autumn. This makes for an enjoyable treat for the senses while you seek out your trophy animal. Leaves are ablaze with colour during the fall, and the air is filled with the crisp scent of cool mornings and mild afternoons.

As with whitetail deer, the moose bag limit is low, so choose your animal and weapon with care. Saskatchewan offers moose hunting with archery, crossbow, muzzleloader, shotgun, or rifle.

Mule Deer

Hunting in Saskatchewan

Hunting in Saskatchewan is a great way to not only observe meaty mule deer but also bag one for your freezer. Saskatchewan mule deer roam the rolling prairies of the area and are often found foraging near row crops. As with other Saskatchewan wildlife, mule deer have access to an ample supply of food, ensuring a herd that’s beefy and abundant.

The Saskatchewan mule deer hunt occurs in autumn and can be conducted using archery, crossbow, muzzleloader, or modern rifle, depending on which part of the season you choose to hunt.


Hunting in Saskatchewan

Elk hunting in Saskatchewan gives you, not only the opportunity to bag a trophy, but also a chance to fill your freezer with some of the finest meat on the planet.

The elk hunt happens during the weeks of late summer, so be sure you’re ready to field dress your animal and pack out the meat quickly as the days will likely be warm. You can harvest your elk with archery equipment, a crossbow, rifle, shotgun, or you can go old school with a muzzleloader.


Pronghorn live mainly in the grassland areas of southwestern Saskatchewan. They’re herd animals, so when you see one expect to see more. The hunting season runs from September into November and has a low bag limit, so be selective when choosing which animal to harvest. Kills can be made with archery gear, a crossbow, muzzleloader, shotgun, or rifle.


Hunting in Saskatchewan

Waterfowl hunters escape to Saskatchewan’s Central Flyway in droves for the autumn hunt. Season dates usually run from September into December, giving you a window of several months to fill your freezer with a fresh waterfowl harvest.

For amazing hunting during the spring, hit the Central Flyway area from March to mid-June for a chance to harvest snow geese and Ross’ geese.

Saskatchewan hunting has it all

No matter what type of game you’re after while hunting in Saskatchewan, there are a few rules to remember. Most importantly, remember to check local regulations before heading out for the hunt. Dates and bag limits may change from year to year, so always read up on laws before hunting.

Ensure weaponry is properly sighted with safety in mind when handling guns and archery equipment.

Always get permission from landowners before hunting or book a guide who has access to local hunting hot spots. Last, but not least, dress for the weather. An uncomfortable hunt is a miserable hunt.

From large land animals like moose and elk to migratory waterfowl, Saskatchewan is loaded with an assortment of big game.

As an outdoors enthusiast, you have every reason to get out there, make some memories, and enjoy the hunt.

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