Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting

Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting – The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits!

Whether you are a first-time hunter, a lifelong outdoor enthusiast or somewhere in between, there is no better hunting adventure than tracking wild game through the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan. This Canadian province has long been a magnet for sportsmen (and women), and when you get here you will see what all the excitement is all about.

While the province is rich in game and hunting opportunities, black bear are particularly plentiful here. And these amazing bruins grow extra big in Saskatchewan, giving you a chance to enjoy the hunting adventure of a lifetime and take a trophy-worthy bear back home with you.

The beauty and splendour of Northern Saskatchewan and the ample hunting opportunities demand the best outfitter, and that is what you will find when you book your adventure with Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts. We know the area, we know the wildlife and we know how to create a hunting trip you will not soon forget.

Why Saskatchewan


If your idea of Canada is limited to big cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, your inner outdoor enthusiast is in for a pleasant, and very wild, surprise. There is more to the country than its bustling urban centers, and most of its land is located far away from those major cities, in the vast wilderness of Saskatchewan and other mostly rural provinces.

Saskatchewan is located in the western part of Canada, and its boreal and prairie climate is known for its wide-open spaces, its stunning natural beauty and its abundant wildlife. It is this last feature, of course, that draws hunters and avid outdoorsmen and women from around the world, each one of them filled with a sense of adventure and a strong desire to bag their limit.

It may be located in the same country as Toronto and Montreal, but Northern Saskatchewan seems a world away. Indeed, the city of Saskatoon, where you will likely start your Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts adventure, is more than 3,000 miles from the urban sprawl of Toronto. It is a gruelling 29-hour drive from Toronto to Saskatoon, but luckily the area is served by major airlines, so you can leave the car at home and enjoy a relaxing flight instead.

Once you arrive, you will find a wealth of outdoor activities at your fingertips, from the best hunting anywhere else in the world to fishing, boating, hiking and much more. But it is the hunting that really sets the region apart; avid hunters from around the world return again and again to hunt black bear, whitetail deer, mule deer, waterfowl and a plethora of other species.

The world is full of prime hunting spots, from the wilds of southern Africa to the Alaskan tundra, but nothing compares to the beauty, splendour and wide-open spaces of Saskatchewan. If you are looking for a truly special hunting journey, you cannot go wrong with this unique travel destination.

The province of Saskatchewan has long been known for its wilderness, and wildlife outnumbers people by a significant margin. With vast landscapes to explore, abundant wildlife to track and hunt and friendly people to guide you every step of the way, it is no wonder Saskatchewan in general, and Northern Saskatchewan, in particular, is such a popular spot for new hunters, experienced outdoor enthusiasts and everyone else who is looking for an adventure.

The black bear population of Saskatchewan is particularly notable, not only for its size but for the health of its animals as well. The sparse human population of Northern Saskatchewan gives these bruins plenty of room to roam, and the abundant food supply gives them plenty of nourishment to grow large and healthy. But though black bears are the star of the show and the star of your hunting adventure, they are far from the only animals you will see.

When you leave the lodge and start your hunting adventure, you will likely encounter mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, coyote, red fox, badgers and maybe even a moose. So keep your gun at your side and your camera at the ready; you never know what you will encounter as you move down the trail.

What Makes Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts So Special

Saskatchewan black bear hunt

There are so many things that make Northern Saskatchewan ground zero for outdoor adventure, and it is hard to know where to start. But we can start where you will, with the hunt for the biggest and best black bears you will ever see. But beyond those black bears, you will encounter a wide variety of flora and fauna, from lush trees and rich forests to wide-open spaces where red fox roam, coyotes skulk and badgers play.

When you get tired of hunting (or after your black bear hunt has been successful), you will find plenty of other outdoor adventures to keep you busy and help you make some lifelong memories. Saskatchewan is a fisherman’s paradise, with deep clear lakes, fast-running streams and smaller bodies of water that will challenge your abilities and reward your skill.

In addition to hunting and fishing, there are untold miles of hiking trails to enjoy, ATV riding adventures and boat rentals to take you out on the water. If you love the great outdoors, Northern Saskatchewan is truly the place to be.

Indeed, many outdoor enthusiasts, men and women who could hunt anywhere in the world, choose to enjoy their annual hunting adventures in the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan. Those experienced hunters know what makes the area special, and they are always anxious to share their stories, provide hunting tips to their less experienced peers and show off photographs of the bears, deer and waterfowl they have harvested along the way.

A Hunt for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

Northern Saskatchewan is a delight for any serious black bear hunter, with a large and healthy population and plenty of opportunities to get your game on. But black bear hunting is not the only outdoor activity to enjoy in this special (and especially wild) part of Canada. With a low human population of just over one million, there is plenty of wide-open space for the millions of animals that call this province home.

In fact, animals vastly outnumber people in this part of the world, and that makes Northern Saskatchewan the perfect spot for any outdoor adventure. Black bear are in abundance here, and avid bear hunters come here year after year to test their skills and try their luck. But black bears are far from the only game species to call Northern Saskatchewan their home, and you can choose a number of other hunts to satisfy your craving for outdoor adventure.

In addition to our amazing black bear hunts, Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts offers a number of other outdoor adventures, all designed to give you lifelong memories, lots of fun and hopefully a trophy (and plenty of fresh meat) to take home.

We offer whitetail deer hunting trips for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, so you can track these wily creatures through the forests and wide-open spaces of Northern Saskatchewan. Whether you are a first-time deer hunter or have been hunting all your life, you are sure to have a great time when you hunt with us.

If you prefer the fast-moving action of waterfowl hunting, we can help you with that as well. Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts is your waterfowl expert, with years of experience in the region. This unique expertise allows us to stake out the best possible hunting spots, increasing your odds of success and helping you create memories that are sure to last a lifetime. The bird hunting is amazing in Northern Saskatchewan.

With species as varied as the cackling goose, the greater white-fronted goose, the emperor goose and the king eider, there is truly something here for every outdoor enthusiast. And whether you come to hunt them or just watch them, you are sure to have a wonderful time when you visit the wilds of Northern Saskatchewan.

Your Black Bear Hunting Experience

Saskatchewan black bear hunting

While Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts can provide all kinds of hunting adventures, including tracking mule deer and whitetail deer and finding the perfect spot for hunting wildfowl, it is our black bear hunts that really set us apart. We bring an insider’s knowledge of the Northern Saskatchewan black bear population to every hunt we host, and we treat every client as if they were members of our own family. If you are looking for a hunt that is exciting and relaxing, thrilling and scenic, you have come to the right place.

At Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts, we specialize in black bear hunts in the wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan, home to some of the biggest, baddest and most spectacular black bears you will ever see. The vast spaces of the province give these bruins plenty of room to roam and lots of good food to eat, and all these things contribute to their size, stamina and stunning beauty.

When you book your black bear hunting trip with us, we will take care of all the details, so you can focus on having fun and finding that special bear. It starts when you arrive in Saskatchewan, and from there you are in our capable hands. Most of our clients will arrive in Saskatoon on the Saturday prior to their hunt, giving them time to look around, get settled and be ready for the arrival of our team.

Whether you are flying into Saskatoon or driving, we encourage you to arrive on Saturday and rent a room for the evening. This will give you time to unwind and relax before your hunting adventure begins. Feel free to contact us when you arrive in town, just to let us know you have gotten in safely and are ready for the hunt to come.

Now that you have arrived safely in town, a representative from Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts will meet you and guide you the rest of the way. A representative from our company will pick you up in Saskatoon at noon on Sunday, giving you plenty of time to prepare for your black bear hunting adventure.

From our starting point in Saskatoon, we will drive 2.5 hours northwest to beautiful Chitek Lake. Located on the edge of the boreal forest, Lake Chitek is a popular jumping-off point for hunters in Northern Saskatchewan, and you will want to bring your camera to capture some of its splendour. The wilderness regions of Northern Saskatchewan are truly addictive, and you will want to return again and again to get your fill.

Once your party arrives at the lodge, we will show everyone to their rooms, giving them time to relax and get acclimated to their new surroundings. If you like, we would be happy to show you around the lodge, so you will know where all the amenities are located.

We will also educate you about what to expect once your Saskatchewan black bear hunting adventure begins, including the itinerary for the coming week and what you will be doing. The hunt begins on Monday morning and continues through Friday night, so enjoy a good night’s sleep in your comfortable room, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the local wildlife.

Now that you are rested, relaxed and ready, it is time to start the hunt. Your black bear hunting adventure begins with breakfast on Monday morning, where we will discuss the day ahead. We generally do not hunt during the morning hours, but we can make accommodations if our trackers spot something interesting on our strategically placed trail cameras.

For the most part, we will hunt for black bear in the afternoon and evening, the time when bears are most active in the area. This schedule increases your odds of success, but it also gives you extra time to hike, fish or just relax around the fire. The wilds of Northern Saskatchewan has a great deal to offer, and we want you to experience as much of it as possible.

During the hunting adventure, you do not have to bring anything but yourself, your firearm and your sense of adventure. We take care of everything you need, including packing lunch as we head out to the stand with our truck and ATV. Once we get to the right location, your guide will unload the ATV and head into the stand.

There our guide will drop the hunter off to sit for the evening and keep a sharp eye out for black bears in motion. But the guide does not abandon you; he will always be close by and within the cellular service range. If you need anything at all, you can call or text and our guide will be there in a jiffy.

We know your goal is to bag a huge black bear, and once you do we go to work. When one of our hunters harvests a bear, the guide will take it back to the camp, where it will be processed. We even prepare the hide for transport back to your home.

Once your hunt has been successful, you are free to do whatever you like. You can rent a boat and go fishing, ride an ATV through the wide-open spaces of Northern Saskatchewan, hike the wilderness trails or just relax at the lodge or spend time warming up around the fire. You can even read a book while you wait for your fellow hunters to arrive.

When the week is over and Saturday afternoon arrives, we all head back to Saskatoon. By then we hope you will have bagged a black bear, but more than that we hope you had a great time, made a lot of memories and enjoyed your adventure in the wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan.

Book Your Adventure Today

If you are looking for a true hunting adventure, one you will remember for the rest of your life and pass the memories on to your children, we are here to help. We love Northern Saskatchewan, we love the wide-open spaces and abundant wildlife, but most of all we love hunting.

We also love and appreciate our customers, the men and women who enjoy the great outdoors and help to make our unique lifestyle possible. We work hard to make every hunt special, and we welcome hunters from Canada, the United States and beyond. No matter where you call home, what type of hunting you love to do or how long you have been enjoying the sport, we can accommodate your needs and set you off on the adventure of a lifetime.

So give us a call today or book your hunting trip online today. All you need to do is tell us when you are coming and what game you want to hunt; we take care of all the details, from picking you up when you arrive to helping you care for and pack your game for the return journey. We love hunters, and we crave an outdoor adventure as much as you do.

Saskatchewan black bear hunting has never been better, and we look forward to hosting you in the future.

Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts is still anticipating a fall 2020 black bear hunt. There are still a few spots available and for a limited time, when you book you fall black bear trip you will get a free black bear hunting license (valued at $350 CDN). Click the button below:

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