Saskatchewan Hunting

Saskatchewan Hunting – A Trip of a Lifetime

Are you looking for a new kind of adventure? Something to add some excitement to the months between summer vacation and the last day of the year? Have you considered a Saskatchewan hunting trip?

Hunting season is coming up! You can opt to spend it at the same hunting camp you’ve spent it at for the past 20 years with the same folks who tell the same stories time and time again, or you can break out of the post-summer doldrums and hunt big game in the crisp autumn air of the Northern Saskatchewan wilderness.

Saskatchewan hunting exposes you to a bevy of native Canadian wildlife. An excursion into the wild is likely to reveal grouse, caribou, moose, timber wolves, foxes, and a multitude of other species. Black bear and whitetail deer top the list of native Saskatchewan fauna.

We Have Black Bears

Saskatchewan HuntingBlack bears are found in abundance in Northern Saskatchewan. The landscape provides a reliable supply of food and cover, making it the perfect habitat to support a healthy black bear population. The black bear hunting season is normally scheduled for October when the foliage is still putting on a spectacular autumn show of blazing oranges and reds, complemented by brilliant yellows.

Afternoons during your October Saskatchewan hunting trips will be laced with the invigorating scent of dry fall leaves and autumn grass. Your guide will set you up in the perfect spot to take in some black bear action, and the Canadian autumn will fill your senses. A Northern Saskatchewan black bear hunt is a memory of a lifetime.

White Tail Deer in Abundance

Saskatchewan HuntingIf you’re looking to do a little Saskatchewan hunting for deer, Northern Saskatchewan boasts a healthy population of whitetails. Plenty of food and water sources ensures whitetail deer are in ample supply. A little scouting and preparation can result in an impressive harvest. And with legal baiting allowed, your guide is sure to situate you in the best possible hunting location with a ready food source.

Whitetail season generally spans the months of November and December, so you can expect very definite winter temperatures punctuated by dry, crisp air on most days. The brisk days of November are usually when the rut comes into play, so be ready for some heavy hunting activity with lots of heated action. Your guide will determine where deer activity is heaviest prior to your hunt and set you up for the harvest of a lifetime.

Waterfowl Hunting at it’s finest

Saskatchewan HuntingIn addition to spectacular black bear and whitetail deer hunts, Northern Saskatchewan hunting includes impressive waterfowl harvesting opportunities. Northern Saskatchewan is home to one of the area’s largest migratory bird flyways. Yearly travellers include Canada geese, Specklebellies, Snows, Blues, and Cacklers. This major waterfowl thoroughfare also sees a multitude of Mallards and Pintail ducks.

In an area loaded with grain-producing farmland, migratory birds have access to wheat, barley, and pea fields. Nestled throughout the area are pools of water that passing birds can’t resist. Your guide will set you up in this hotbed of waterfowl activity with the best possible harvesting opportunities at your fingertips.

While waterfowl season runs from September into December, the heaviest hunting occupies the weeks of late September through October. If waterfowl is your game of choice, it’s never too early to book your spot under the Northern Saskatchewan sky.

The Experience is Memorable

Northern Saskatchewan experiences very definite seasons, with waterfowl, black bear, and whitetail deer seasons occurring during early to late fall. This time of year can be chilly, to say the least. There’s no better way to counter the cool temperatures than waking up to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, bacon sizzling in the pan, and biscuits in the oven.

After a hearty breakfast to get your day started on the right foot, the lodge cook will prepare an array of foods and hot beverages to keep you nourished and comfortable during your hunt. At the end of the day, your guide will shuttle you from your hunting spot back to the lodge where you can shed your coat and enjoy a home-cooked meal around the table with fellow hunters. It’s a great time to swap stories and get your fill of yet another nourishing meal.

Saskatchewan Hunting Is An Experience Of A Lifetime

Saskatchewan hunting is about more than sitting in a hunting stand or ground blind all day. It’s about having the opportunity to observe and harvest large game animals you might have never seen back home. It’s about experiencing the Canadian wilderness and taking in the sights and scents of the habitat. Saskatchewan hunting is about enjoying evenings at the lodge and being treated like family.

There’s nothing that can compare to a Saskatchewan hunting trip for black bear, whitetail deer, or waterfowl.

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